Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Catching Up~

Always a pleasure to meet up with old friends. :):):)
Kenny and 2 more of his friends (yay, new friends!) came to meet me to la kopi.. 
Although we didn't la any kopi. Haha!

Had a great time chilling out with them! Whoa, all have pets! And very real people. 
It's very comfortable to hang out around them.

And finally got ppl to go ktv with me~~ Lol! 
Almost forgot how to sing liao lor!


Was chatting random stuff and Kenny commented, I kept talking about Eugene. Opps! 
But yet I refused to say much about this mysterious guy.

Always thought that I prefer the mysterious guy more than Eugene..
But after Kenny pointed that out, I wondered if I think of Eugene more?
Then again, it could also be due to the fact that the things that happened are crazily epic..
And hence, make interesting topics..?


I don't understand my own feelings either. Well, it doesn't matter.. I guess? 
Anyway both guys are out of my reach now and whatever feelings I have are for the guys they used to be. 
Not the current them.

Does that make sense to you? Haha!


Reached home and continued to think. Ha!
Maybe like what Kenny said, 我还是有点放不下..

Kenny mentioned that he missed Eugene's singing so I sent him the link to the videos below:

(Every time I watched his videos, it feels like he's still alive.
Those good old days when we used to be so sweet until everyone said we attract ants..)


Kenny later messaged me this:
"After watching can still feel the sweetness in him.
I think that's the part of the memories you should keep."


This boy ah.. When did he grow up to be a mature adult? :)
Time flies indeed!

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