Saturday, October 10, 2015

Let it go.

(Not gonna talk about Frozen, Elsa or Anna here.. Haha!
This post is triggered when I realized the products I received were tampered with.
Still thinking if I should blog about this incident.. Should I?)

Anyway, here goes..

Being a typical Libra, I strongly expect fairness and justice in EVERY single matter. 
In my younger days, I held firm to my principles. 

But I guess by now.. I still get super annoyed but I have learnt to let it go~ Let it go~ 
Letting go is not being weak. 
Walking away and stop harping on the nitty gritty stuff requires more strength. 
And I choose to be strong.

Just now I was pretty annoyed. But after spending some quality time with Cookie and Fluffy.. 
Suddenly it doesn't matter anymore. :):):)

Life is wonderful, thanks to Cookie and Fluffy! ♥♥

Having lovely furry family members help me to forget about anything unpleasant. 
And brings me lots of love and joy, of course! 
Because of them, I'm much kinder and more patient these days. Lol! 
Still not that zen yet.. Will continue to work on it!

On a positive note, I just packed Fluffy's lunch box (lol!) for tmr's Causes for Animals event! 
We'll be at AMK! Come and look for us! You can feed Fluffy wor~

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