Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Busy busy at work!

The deadline is so close and yet..! Sigh.
Was so kan cheong, worried, frustrated, annoyed..

哦, 神啊.. 请救救我吧!
Translation: Oh God, please save me!

But afterwards, I thought to myself: 尽力而为.

也就释怀了.. :)


I feel so tired! #SignsOfAging

Just like this cute rabbit! Haha!

Miss the good, old days when I was young and productive!
But then again, it's quite sad that I waste my precious time and energy on doing OTs!!

(Was it worth it? Honestly, no. Sacrificed many precious things and people too.
And in the end, the companies took me for granted.)

Fortunately, my present company is super duper unbelievably NIICE!
Even if I have to do OTs, I would gladly do that!
 Still feel pretty amazed that my boss let me take leave even during our super peak period.


We work to earn money for better life.
But we often ruin our lives (or health) due to work.
But I guess sometimes we got too caught up with work to realize that we are straying from our original intentions!

So don't forget why we work so hard for, okay?



Just about 1.5 more week to go!!


Save as many as I can!!
Hang in there!!

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