Friday, October 9, 2015

Just a quick update~♥

Haven't been updating my blog recently due to a series of events:

1. Was dangerously close to exceeding my month data usage!
2. HPB announced a major policy change on my birthday. #OhGodWhy

Thanks to #2, I've been super busy at work!
And I've been racking my brains for "fire fighting" until I've been getting headaches these days.. 
And yet I can't stop because we  are running out of time! 
Hope I can save as many clients (or rather, their grants) as possible!

Hang in there! Just a little while more and I'll be able to revert to my relaxing days again!!
Go go fighting!


Currently in my class.. Phew! Can take a little break from my hectic schedule~ ^^
(You know life has been really hectic when studying actually feels relaxing.. LOL!)

Okay, class's break time is almost over.. Time to pay attention in class!

Will try to blog again soon!


So looking forward to the event on this Sunday!

Guess what? Fluffy will be helping out too!
It's gonna be her very 1st charity event!

Watch out for Fluffy and me on the streets!
(And stay tuned for my blog post on this event~)

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