Monday, October 12, 2015


Have announced Fluffy's true gender in Instagram and Facebook but I haven't blog about it.
Actually this draft had been sitting inside my "Drafts" for days but I never find the time to finish it.

So here goes..

Shocking Realization

The other day, I was giving Fluffy a thorough powder bath and I noticed..



OMG! Fluffy is actually a BOY!!


So Hurt..

Told my friend about Fluffy's gender and she teased me for being a bad owner because I got Fluffy's gender wrong. 

But the truth is, even the seller told me that Fluffy was a girl too!
So obviously it wasn't obvious that Fluffy was actually a boy!
And I don't blame her because I know it's really difficult to differentiate the genders for young rabbits.

Besides, Fluffy was only about 2 months old then! I did double check on his gender but there was.. eh..
Really nothing there yet leh!

And when I happily told them how much Fluffy loves head rubs and his cute reaction to my head rubs every time.. 
The same friend commented that he is stressed and yet I keep giving him head rubs.

Urgh.. My heart got wounded again!
(Or perhaps I am too fragile.. T.T)

But but..

Am I the kind of owner who can't tell if MY pet is stressed or happy??

Am I the kind of owner who enjoys torturing MY pet??

Whenever I give Fluffy head rubs, I can tell that he loves them so much.
I can also sense that he is happy and hence, I would feel happy with him as well. 

I treat them as my close ones, which is why I shared my precious experience with Fluffy with them. But yet..
Those happy and special bonding moments are perceived as causing stress to Fluffy!! :'(

Am I such a bad owner..?


Just to prove that I am not giving excuses..


You might think determining rabbit gender is straightforward, but pet store staff, pet owners with unexpected rabbit litters to re-home, and even animal sanctuaries regularly get it wrong.  

The male genitalia so obvious in other animals are hard to see on rabbits

Quote from Source


Even the meanest, angriest bunny loves head rubs. To give your bunny head rubs, very gently rub your fingers from its nose up to between its ears. You will probably find that your bunny relaxes and lowers its head for you to give it more rubs. 

Quote from Source


At the end of the day.. I guess I need to believe in myself..

But whatever it is.. Honestly I still feel bad for not discovering Fluffy's correct gender earlier!
I guess that's why her words hurt me so much.. Kinda like adding salt to my wounds.

But seeing him happily munching on his food, enjoying the head rubs I give him and lazing there in contentment..
I wonder if I am just being silly and overly harsh on myself. He prolly don't even care about the gender blunder. :)

Sometimes I feel that animals are actually smarter than us because they know how to take things easy and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

So enough emo-ing! Ending this post with these cute photos! :)

Photo from Source

So cute! And this rabbit looks so much like Fluffy! 

Thank God for bringing Fluffy into my life..

Whenever I am stressed, angry or upset, just watching him can calm me down and make me smile again.

So lucky to have an adorable little darling like him!


Note to self:

Forgive myself for the silly mistake!
Stop blaming myself!

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