Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fluffy's 1st Pet Event! ♥

Last Sunday I attended this pet's event which was organized by RHQ Rabbit Headquarters.
Fluffy's 1st ever Pet Event!
Little did we expect a little surprise for us.. Keke!

Read on to find out what happened!

Was carrying too many stuff and keeping a close watch on Stacci so I didn't really focus on taking photos. 
Please make do with the (poor) quality of the photos ya! >.<


Before the Actual Day of Event..

Last month, I saw this in Facebook and quickly RSVPed! 
Just 1 Fluffy alone already makes me so happy.. 
Not to mention an event full of rabbits and other small animals!! 

Saw this and decided to enrol Fluffy for the Best Dressed Contest as well!

Didn't expect to win anything at all..
Basically I joined for the sake of free goodie bag and free photography session! 
Wahaha.. Opps!


2 Days Before the Actual Day of Event.. What to Wear!

Fortunately I had bought this lion mane wig for Fluffy previously.
Didn't expect it to come in handy!

Trying out the costume and testing if it would fall off easily..
Well, it did fall off easily!
And something seemed not quite right..
(Later I went to search for photos of real lions and realized that the 'mane' part wasn't quite right!)

Another photo! 

Well, this is not relevant to this post.. LOL!
Accidentally captured this shot of her tongue sticking out.. 


1 Day Before the Actual Day of Event.. Finishing Touches!

Kan cheong liao!!
Went out to buy some stuff to adjust the costume so that it fit Fluffy better!

And I posted the sneak preview in my Instagram..

Very satisfied! ;)

Didn't expect to win but I really wanted to show off how super cute she is!!
LOL! #ObsessedOwner


On the Actual Day of Event.. Finally!

 Guess who came along with me? 
(Can you spot Fluffy? Heehee!)

To match my bunny t-shirt..
I wore my bunny shoes too! Heh!
(Not my photo, but this is exactly how my bunny shoes look like.. Love them!)


At the Event..

Stacci and I enjoyed ourselves so much!! 
Stacci was proud to be seen with Fluffy.. LOL!
And I like how adorably biased she was..

Me: Which rabbit is the cutest there?
Her: Of course Fluffy lah!



And did I mention that I was probably the most "kiasu" pet owner there?
Brought along Fluffy's costume and harness..
(Plus her cage, food and drinks too, of course!)
Kept changing her clothes as and when needed.. LOL!
So busy sia!

Some people approached us to find out more about rabbits in general.
Or simply just to sayang Fluffy and take her photos.
Love the positive vibes there! :):):)


Oh wait! Fluffy found some new friends too!

Closer look at these cute furry ones!
(Photo by RHQ Rabbit Headquarters)


And check out the salad bar.. For rabbits and small animals!
(Photo by RHQ Rabbit Headquarters)

Bought a box of these for free! Wow!

Wow, check these out too!

(Photo by RHQ Rabbit Headquarters)

(Photo by RHQ Rabbit Headquarters)

I'm so gonna get these when I have my own house next time!
Currently I don't have extra space for these in my small room.. >.<


Was sitting down while waiting for the contest to start.
This friendly little girl started chatting with me! ;)
It was really very enjoyable!

She came with her family and they brought quite a few pets along!
Even showed me her pets and asked me about Fluffy.

I simply love kids and animals!! 


Saw this girl who looks like Mocha!
(Mocha girl girl, I miss you so much.. 
You will never be forgotten!
Always in my heart~)

So many fellow dog lovers and adorable doggies!!
Pets are like our furry babies who "never" grow up..
Or rather, we will always treat them like babies! :)


And guess what??

Fluffy won 1st Prize in the Best Dress Contest!

While being 'showcased', Fluffy was so obedient and stayed still most of the time!
Wow, I'm so proud of her for that! She really rose to the occasion.
(Was expecting her to be restless or perhaps, freak out and do weird stuff.)
And that meant more to me than winning the "Best Dressed Contest", to be honest.

I love you, my dear little Fluffy baby!! 

Was pleasantly surprised by the reactions from those who saw her.. Haha!
So many people wanted to take photos of her!
She was like a little celebrity!

Thank you for liking my precious baby.. :)


We were all getting tired so it was time to go home.. Almost!

Brought Stacci to eat ice cream before heading home.. Keke!

Ice cream is 
(Can the day get better than this!? 
Thank you God for the wonderful day!!)


Ending the entry with a happy group photo! 
(Fluffy looks ultra cute here!)

More close up shots!

Photo taken by the official photographer!
Can you spot Fluffy? Heehee!

The event turned out to be a lot more fun and interesting than I expected!

Once again 
thank you RHQ Rabbit Headquarters for organizing it!

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