Saturday, September 12, 2015

KpopX Fitness - 3rd Year Anniversary! ♥♥♥

Just wanna say

First of all.. 
Congrats to Maddy and her (growing) team of cute / chio / yandao / stylo instructors!

They have worked really hard and I feel so happy for their achievements!
♥♥ KpopX Fighting! ♥♥
May them continue to soar to greater heights!

For the previous 2 years, I always couldn't make it to their anniversary event.
1st time was because I was overseas.
2nd time was because I was either overseas.. Or having chicken pox?

(I was so excited!!)



Got free tixs from Maddy so I jio-ed Rae and Christina along!
Thanks babe! Chiu~

Disclaimer: I was not asked to blog about this by anyone from KpopX Fitness.
人家是自愿的啦~~ Haha!

Christina ♥ Rae ♥ Pris

Despite the haze, we still went ahead to the event.
Thought there'll be many people backing out on the event due to the haze..
It was actually super crowded!
Glad that the haze didn't ruin the event for Maddy! :)

Instructors should seriously wear like this to class sometimes! Heehee!

Was filming this when I heard this foreigner asking Rae and Christina..
"Are they celebrities?"
Heehee!! They sure shone like stars ya! 


Some other random clips that I took.. 

WOOooo..!! So so fun!

OMG, that was a nice surprise.. MAPOSA by Hwangtaeji!!

Saw Alvin dance and I started wooooo-ing excitedly, much to the surprise of Rae and Christina!

哦不~~ 形象毁掉啦!

Opps! LOL!

But sorry ah, I couldn't control myself.. Hahaha!

(How I wish I can dance HALF as stylo as Alvin.. Envy max!)


Fun Fact!

Even the KpopX Fitness (regular) participants have great stamina too!
Whoa! Saw many of them dancing vigorously along without rest! 
WOW! Don't play play hor!


Enough of my poor quality videos.. 
Below are better ones!

Stolen videos from Kpopx's Youtube channel!

(Check out ALL their videos at Youtube: KPOPX FITNESS)

Omigosh! Not expectiing this but Alex looked soooooo cute in the dino costume!!

Alvin danced super well! #fangirl mode activated!

Super cute and fun song but it's very tiring too! Haha!

Alex looks very charming whenever he is doing his workouts too! ;)
Now that's the Alex I know.. Haha!
(Still, him wearing that cute dino costume was a nice surprise indeed!

Oh, how I wish I could take photos with all my favorite instructors!
They looked extra cute / chio / yandao that day!

*Fan girl mode activated*

Seriously I almost forgot it's supposed to be a "torturous" workout event..

And I love the presentation..
Feels more like performance / concert / clubbing (*laughs*) and everything FUN!
And cute! And cool! And crazy!
And! And..!!


Personally I feel that KpopX Fitness has the magical power..
To transform a person!
It gives us more confidence and charm!

I''m honestly not a confident person..
(Although I may act like I am confident.. But the truth is, I'm not. Really.)
But even I feel more confident *ahems* when I'm doing their workouts!

And oh! KpopX Fitness makes us sooo happy too!
(And perhaps a little 'high' as well? Haha!)


And oh oh!

Do You Know..
They have various classes islandwide in Singapore!
And recently they expanded to Malaysia too!

Find out more at their website!



Note to self!

It was so contagious.. I can't help but groove along despite my tired body!! 

Gosh, I need to start training up for the next anniversary celebration!
I need better stamina to keep up with the energetic instructors! 

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