Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Review: Honeywell QuietCare True HEPA Air Purifier with Germ Reduction, 17000-S

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It's been quite a while since I received the Honeywell Air Purifier..

(Especially during the current haze season!)


Previously posted these on my Instagram.. 

How to Replace the Filter
So simple, right!?

Sound Test!

Once I actually dozed off while the air purifier was on 'high'!
(But then again, Shuqi always says that I can doze off at anytime, anywhere..
So maybe it's just me lah! Hahaha!)


My Experience

Nowadays I stay in my room as much as possible to avoid the haze.
(Besides, I love my room and Fluffy's in my room too! Heehee! )

The other day, I was lazing in my room with the windows shut and my air purifier doing its job. 
Everything seemed like normal. Totally forgot about the haze until I left my room to go to the bathroom (to bath). 
Once I stepped out of my room, I immediately noticed a 'chao ta' (burnt) smell!

Unlike previous years, I didn't feel sick due to the haze this time! Woohoo!
Oh, thank God for the air purifier!
And I feel so happy knowing that Fluffy is safe from the haze~


How to Get It?

Just in case you are curious to know where I got mine from.. 

Wanted to buy from stores in Singapore but the prices are at least doubled compared to the ones sold online! 
Yes, same model! Thought of ordering from Amazon but fortunately, I found a good deal in Singapore!

In fact, this is the cheapest (and best!) deal that I managed to find~

Love the fact that it comes with a brand new transformer!!
(This model is an import set from US, hence the voltage is not compatible with the one in Singapore. 
Hence, a transformer is needed in order to be used in Singapore.)

Seller was so patient in answering my endless questions too!

This is how the transformer looks like.
It's quite big and heavy.

The design of the air purifier is not elegant and pretty as other brands like Novita, Sharp, etc. In fact, it looks more like an old school printer or fax machine to me.. Haha! And worse, it has to be hooked up with a transformation.. Not sleek at all liao lor!
Hence, those who value beauty over practical use may not like Honeywell air purifiers.

(But my priority is an air purifier who serves its practical use well so I am okay with the design and all.)

On the day when the air purifier was supposed to be delivered, the seller even dropped me a little reminder! 
Good right??

But there's one con of buying this model though: NO LOCAL WARRENTY.
The warrenty is 5 years.. But only valid in US. Haha!
And of course, no one in their right mind would send the air purifier from Singapore to US just to save on the warrenty. The shipping charges (to and fro) are prolly enough for me to buy a brand new set!

However, this seller allowed me to have a 1-to-1 return if the product is found to be faulty within the first 7 days.. 
But well, the same air purifier is still working well in my room~~ :):)

Personally I don't mind taking the risk after reading reviews and doing some calculations.
(Besides, most brands in Singapore only offer 1 year warrenty anyway!)
But if you are the sort who cares a lot about warrenty.. You may want to think twice.

For those who are looking for air purifier, I would definitely recommend this brand and model!

Hope this helps!
(Seriously, when will the haze season be over... >.<)

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