Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cleaner Air Required Urgently!!

Been feeling unwell due to the "Hagen Daz" (haze 跟 dust, lol) lately.
Suffering from runny nose, "itchy" throat, irritated eyes and even headaches!
I guess that is not surprising considering that I have sinus.. :(

While typing this entry, the PSI was.. 
Cute app, by the way! Haha!


Recently I discovered the existence of air purifiers! 
Omg, I can't believe that I was so ignorant..!! 
Even without the haze, I believe an air purifier is beneficial to me since I have sinus!

Plus I have Fluffy now and she stays in my room..
It'll be good to have a good air purifier that helps to collect her fur!
And with the haze seemingly getting worse these days, we need clean air!

Especially my dear little Fluffy! (Love this photo of her.. Haha!)

She's only 5 months old.. My vulnerable baby! #OverprotectiveOwner LOL!

Do You Know..
Small animals are even more susceptible to the effects of haze since their lungs' capacities are much smaller!


Many times, I was so tempted to just grab one from the store..
But on second thoughts, air purifiers are so expensive!
And I intend to use it for at least a few years if I do get one!

Since it's a long haze-full weekend.. I guess the most ideal activity for me is..
Staying at home and doing research on AIR PURIFIERS!

How to Choose an Air Purifier
Click to find out!

Whoa! I was quite shocked to realise this:

Don’t confuse the term “true HEPA” with “HEPA-type” when considering an air purifier. 
They are drastically different

Wah! This is so misleading!
Silently cursed unethical brands for wasting my time and efforts on checking up their products..
By misleading me with the term, "HEPA-type".. Grr!

But I'm glad that I knew this before I bought any! Thank God!


After overloading myself with information and reviews..

Finally I decided to get this!

Recommended by many users online!

Design isn't as pretty as the Novita one that I almost bought..
But I do believe this is better.
(废话 right! Otherwise, why would I order this instead.. Haha!)

Managed to get a good deal for it!
But alas, the transformer is out of stock so I can only get it next week!
So looking forward to receiving it!

Probably will do a review on this when I receive it!

In the meantime, here are some reviews that I came across!

Users' Reviews from Amazon

Personal Blog: Neurotic Ramblings

So informative!

Youtube Reviews / Guide

(Same brand but not the same model I ordered though.)

Good guide for me when I get it! :)

A couple of days more before I get my air purifier!!

Until then, I just gonna TAHAN!!
Wish me luck.. Sob sob!

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