Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Will They Come Back..?

Today's Shirley's Baby (a golden retriever) passed on.
Unlike most grieving pawrents, Shirley was very positive.. Perhaps a little too happy?

Well, the reason is, Baby is finally free from suffering and will be reincarnate back to them next year! So happy for her and Baby! I hope Baby will be back as a healthy and adorable dog!

Shirley learnt animal communication and she is able to connect with animals, both alive and dead. Decided to PM her to ask if Cookie or Mocha will come back.. I sure hope they will! At least one of them!

Miss my girls so much..


Would I ever get to hold Cookie in my arms again.. 

I didn't even have any photo taken together with Mocha.. ='(
If Mocha can come back to me, I hope she can be a small, healthy dog this time..
So that I can bring her around unlike last time!

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