Monday, March 26, 2018

Getting Excited!


Placed deposit for my house. Still have many more things to do but if everything goes well, I will be able to celebrate my birthday at my own house! Woohoo!

Laws Of Attraction really works wonders!
And a big thank you to all the Gods who have answered my prayers!
So grateful to everyone!

I'm also blessed with many wonderful friends..

My Gui Ren - (Cannot reveal name, else everyone go to the person for help.. LOL!) I really liked the house but I didn't dare to go for it because I was worried about my (lack of) cash. Thankfully, my gui ren offered to lend me cash if I ever need it. But of course, I'm trying to manage my finances VERY carefully so that I don't have to borrow any money. But nonetheless, by having a backup financial help, I finally had the courage to buy the house!

Helen - She was the one who told me that Joanne is a good property agent (SHE IS!), shared many great tips and she's going to help me paint my house! Oh, and she will be giving me a cage for Fluffy and a rack for hanging clothes too!

Joanne - Helping me to get my house! (Not an expert in this but I think it's quite a good deal.) Previously she has been giving me a lot of free advice even though I didn't engage her to be my agent! Honestly I'm hopeless in buying house but she explained so clearly until even I can understand!

Gean - She has been so assuring and encouraging all these while! She's going to help me clean my house and she's going to give me a nice housewarming gift too! 

Many many more.. Which I shall continue to thank later~


So blessed to know this bunch of (siao) dog lovers. The care and kindness that they have given to me and Zai touch me greatly! 

It's funny how my friends (who are not even related to me by blood) are getting so involved in my purchase of my first and probably only house.. And yet if you noticed by now, I never mention anything about my family..

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