Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Renewing my Fibre Plan!

Time flies! My current contract is ending in about 2 weeks! Has it been 2 years already??

Gotta renew before my current plan ends! 

Was thinking of downgrading my plan to this:

Pure 200

$70 Router Discount
[FREE] Home Voice Subscription
24 months contract

Service Installation Fee Waived ($58 U.P.)
[FREE] 1st Month ($36.88 U.P.)

..But then Ultra 1 Gbps is having a promotion now too:

Ultra 1Gbps Ultra Value Bundle

Last 12 Months at $29.99/mth ($49.99/mth U.P)
$100 Router Discount
[FREE] Home Voice Subscription
24 Months Contract

Service Installation Fee Waived ($58 U.P.)
[FREE] 1st Month ($49.99 U.P.)

To compare:

Pure 200
Total Cost for 24 months: $36.88 x 23 months (1st month is free) = $848.24

Ultra 1Gbps Ultra Value Bundle
First 12 months: $49.99 x 11 months (1st month is free) = $549.89
Next 12 months: $29.99 x 12 months = $359.88
Total Cost for 24 months: $549.89 = $359.88 = $909.77

Difference in Cost (24 months): $909.77 - $848.24 = $61.53
Difference in Cost (per month): $61.53 / 24 months = $2.56

Aiya, I may as well stick to Ultra 1Gbps Ultra Value Bundle! Heehee!

Yeah, I can save some money! 

Currently I'm paying $49.99 per month. Previously the promotion for my plan was similar but it was $34.99 per month for the first 12 months and $49.99 per month thereafter. Happy that the plan is getting cheaper and cheaper! ^^


I can still remember how happy I was to be able to have my own unlimited fibre plan AT LAST! 

I used to have limited (insufficient!) data usage and always had to be 'thrifty' whenever my mobile data was running out. There were times when I was playing games with my girlfriends and whenever we stayed up to fight guild battles, I had to sit outside my sister's house to steal (opps!) their wifi! Luckily her house is just beside my parents' house. Heehee!

Ever since I had my own unlimited fibre plan, I could watch videos, play games and surf net to my heart's content. 

Sigh, I miss my iPad 2. It finally "RIP" after I've used it for several years.. I don't know, around  years? So many fond memories.. Reading manga and watching videos with it was SO SHIOK. Previously I was very poor but now that I'm beginning to have some spare cash.. I do feel like getting a new one. 

Should I get an iPad (whatever series) or a laptop..? Hmm.. But on second thoughts, I still have some outstanding debts AND I'm saving up for my dream house.. I guess I don't really need an iPad..

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