Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pre-Birthday Dinner with Animal Buddies!

I have 2 animal buddies who are very dear to me even though we only meet up 3, 4 times a year.
(During our birthdays and CNY.)

So needless to say, I was quite excited because I finally get to meet them again! 

Had dinner with them at Melben because I felt like eating their crab beehoon.


Love all the dishes!
(Crab Beehoon, Salted Egg Pork Ribs, Cereal Prawns and Stirred-Fry Dou Miao)

The salted egg pork ribs are super nice! I wish Orlene can try them too!

Felt kinda bad because they treated me and the bill was quite expensive!
But Shuqi said it's okay as long as we enjoy the meal together. :)


Time always seem to pass very fast when I'm with them.

I'm glad all of us are happy now.. Got stable jobs, enough money to spend and both of them are happily married with their partners. Never hear them complain about their other halves so I guess everything going well in their marriages. Thank God!

Before leaving, we agreed to meet up soon and not wait until the next CNY.. Haha! I sure hope so!

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