Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mid Life Crisis..?

   Well, a lot of things have happened but I'm just too lazy to sit down in front of my laptop to blog. 
Can't be helped.. The blogspot phone app is not user-friendly. Heh!

And so my 34th birthday just passed..
Age is never a concern to me because I look forever young. LOL!

(Not bad right? I can still pass off as their sister instead of aunt hor? Keke!)

In fact, I'm so excited to turn 34!
1 more year to be eligible to buy my own flat!
(I will definitely scold him if my Mr Right choose to show up after I got my own flat.. LOL.)


Well, it's an unlucky birthday month, as always.. *shrugs*

This year is no exception even though I totally ignored my birthday (haha!):

- Old laptop died on me.
- New Asus laptop's motherboard also died within a month of purchase.
- Unlucky incidents at work.
- Old man kicked Ah Zai so the latter bit him.. Guess who paid the medical bills?
- Bitten by Ah Zai who had been so well behaved in front of me all the time.

I think there's some more but I didn't bother to keep track.
Used to it. Haha! But oh well, something good came out of some of them as well.
I'll just treat them as blessings in disguise.
Well, let bygones be bygone. (Ah Zai, I still love you ya!)

Anyway just a quick review / reflection of my life so far..

Family / Love

Well, my family.. Still the same. At least not worse?
At least I have accepted, moved on and not expecting anything anymore. :)

Conflicts aside, I will only focus on the nice things that they have done for the family. :)

Can't be helped that they hate me.
I'm sorry that I'm so detestable to them but I don't give a f*** about it anymore.
It's nobody's fault. I've learnt to ignore all the bad stuff.
I just hope they don't feel too annoyed by me.
If they do, too bad lor. It's their choice..


Single and probably will stay single always.

The only things troubling me about being single are:

1. Guys always assume that I SHOULD accept them 
(without them making much efforts somemore!) 
just because I am still single at this age.

2. Annoying and insensitive people who are plain lucky to find their ideal mates 
keep telling me to get married and / or have kids. 
(It's my life, I WILL DECIDE. Tyvm. Give me some respect please. 
I can probably get your men IF I want so quit teaching me how to get a man.)


On the positive side..

I'm starting my own family NEXT YEAR! ♥️
Don't get me wrong. Haha!

YES! My family = Me, Fluffy (my rabbit) and Ah Zai (my dog)!
(Cookie and Mocha too! They will always live in my heart.)

If things go well, I may be able to get MY OWN HOUSE next year!! ♥️
Going to upside Fluffy's "house" to a super nice and spacious one.
Probably going to get him a beautiful wife to accompany him too!

Actually I'm really, really loving my single life now.
I love kids but I have 4 lovely nieces and nephews.




Aww, adorable max! ♥️

And the fact that they are not my kids means that I will still have time for myself.

I think it's a good balance. :)



Resigned my job of 4 years.
Well, I guess everything happens for a reason. 
Or in these case, several reasons.

Many factors add up together and somehow I just knew (suddenly) that it's time to leave.

Many people were surprised because they knew how much I love my job and company.
Even I felt that I should be surprised. I always thought I would work here forever.
Yet I don't feel surprised because I knew this is meant to be.
(Anyway, we may be colleagues for only a few years.. Friendship will last forever!)

Sixth sense, I guess.
Not the first time that I felt the need to do something without knowing why..
And a long time later, I would finally understand why.
I trust The Feeling. ;)

Really grateful for thoughtful and understanding bosses to help me with this decision!
Thank you!


Been job-hunting (passively) for the past few weeks.
Only got called up for 1 interview and got rejected some more.
Only 2 agencies called me.
Being an ex recruiter, I know I should be pretty sellable candidate.
I guess it's the time where everyone is waiting for their bonus and the
market is really bad right now.

Nonetheless, this situation is still within my calculated risk level
so I'm not worrying yet. Haha!

Have faith!


Nonetheless, life has been pretty awesome these days! ♥️
(Which probably explains why I haven't been blogging.. Opps!)
I can stay up real late and go to bed in the morning..
When usually I would have to wake up for work! (Cheap thrill.. LOL!)

There were some mornings when it rained and I would feel super
blissful lazing in my bed with Ah Zai by my side and Fluffy in his cage beside my bed.

Shiok max! 好幸福! ♥️

Ah Zai used to bark whenever it's time for me to leave for work.
Lately he looks so happy all the time.. Haha! ♥️


Sometimes I fetch the kids from school / childcare. Simple bliss indeed!
And at times I would also bring them out or just spend some time with them.

Like going to MacDonalds (omg, again!).. Haha!

Their childhood will pass by so quickly and I feel fortunate to be a part of it. ♥️

Will probably enjoy for a couple of weeks more before I start to look for jobs seriously.
Been looking through job ads diligently though!
Many jobs required a degree at least.. I'm so glad that I had made the
(painful) decision to pursue a degree back then! (Even though I doubted my
decision many times.. LOL.)

Finally left with The Last Module.
Praying hard that I can pass it smoothly and get the darn piece of paper!



I must thank FHI for guiding me on the route of my healthier journey.
However, I've slacked a lot lately.. By staying up late, waking up late and going to 
MacDonalds so often.

Just let me be lazy for a bit longer please!
I promise I'll try to start living healthily by next month. (Keyword: TRY)

Luckily for me, I am blessed with anti-aging genes.. LOL.
It's effortless for me to stay this way. Not gonna claim credit for my forever-young looks.
But of course, my body and complexion are still deteriorating,
although at a slower rate.. Maybe?
I still need to start being more hardworking.. (Next month start.. Okay? Haha!)

Definitely need to lose a lot of body fats.
Sob sob.. (But next month!)



So well, it may seems kinda scary that at the age of 34,

1. I have no house of my own.
2. I don't have much money in my bank accounts.
3. I don't have a job.
4. I don't have a hubby.
5. I don't have kids.

Socially, I may be deemed as a failure.
But at the end of the day, it's MY life.
I decide how I wanna live it.
I set my own KPIs.

And as far as I am concerned, I am successful because:

1. I've changed for the better and I am still trying to improve constantly
2. I pay up my bills on time and I am not in any debts except my study loan which will
be fully paid this December! (Woohoo~~)
3. I've matured a lot which I believe will help me greatly in going back to "my world".
4. I didn't succumb to social pressure and anyhow marry anyone.
5. I have 2 lovely furkids.. Fluffy and Ah Zai!
6. My 4 adorable nieces and nephews love me.

Most importantly, I know what matters to me; I follow my heart and conscience.
I believe that's what really matters.
Which is why, I can sleep so well (too well, in fact!) every night.

I will keep up the good work! Heehee!



Someone left the receipt behind..

Whoa, so much money in the bank account!

Hope I can have more than this amount in bank accounts someday!
I could have, but I didn't think of saving money in the past.

Nowadays I'm a lot more thrifty but alas, too many commitments.. 
Study loans, dad's medical bills, my own bills, expenses for my furkids..
And now, I gotta save up for my house!
(As well as renovations, furniture.. Etc.)

I will 加油! 


Anyway.. Just to reply the the question in my blog title.. 

I guess not. ;)

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