Monday, October 3, 2016

Belated Birthday Dinner with Animal Buddies

They asked me to decide where to eat so I chose Yoogane!

Just before meeting them..

Had packed my remaining stuff into the trolley bag..
But alas! Too heavy until my trolley bag became spoilt!!

Fortunately, Shuqi came to my rescue by coming over to fetch me! ♥️
(And later she sent me home too! Can't imagine how I gonna go home with a heavy, spoilt trolley bag!)


At Yoogane..

Our food:

Seafood and Chicken Galbi

Been a long while since I last had this!

Never into the CNY niangao but ever since I first tried the Korean dokboki, I was hooked! But it's pretty filling so I usually start to feel full after eating a few pieces..


Korean Style Seafood Pancakes

Shuqi picked this dish.. Great choice! Tasted so yummy!



Another dish picked by Shuqi! I always like to eat Korean's version of glass noodles! 
Feels more chewy than the Chinese version. 


Love all the dishes selected!
I think I will just stick to the same selection when I eat there next time!


We were chatting about Pokemon Go..
And I was surprised to know how hardcore they were!

Check out Chun Cheung's pokemons!

The perks of working in MBS.. Haha!


My birthday only feels completed after I've celebrated it with my animal buddies.. 
And my pets, of course!  So fortunate to have them in my life! ♥️  


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