Sunday, July 17, 2016


Today I came across this video.
The guy was showing his son how to 'play' with the fish.
He took the poor fish out of the water.
There were laughter.. I don't understand what's so funny.
Everyone knows fishes cannot breathe when they are out of the water.
The poor fish was suffering. Why is that funny to them?

I wish adults can impart the right values to the young ones.
So that they may grow up and protect the animals.
And teach their young ones to do so as well.


I'm really shocked that such cruel action is done by someone I know.
Not some stranger from another country.
Animal cruelty is so near me now.

And it makes me even more upset that the video had 17 likes.
While a few did comment that the fish was traumatised, they didnt dare to defend the fish firmly.
Probably afraid to hurt his feelings?
Most didn't say anything at all.

I sure hope it's not because they think it is okay to do that to the fish.


While I'm not expecting people to go vegan or go out of their way to save animals.. 
The least we can do is not harm animals that we come across. 
Why make them suffer? For fun?? Is that fun?? 

What's the world becoming.. 
Where is our humanity.. 

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