Monday, April 20, 2015

Star Awards 2015 . 红星大奖 2015

Haven't watch the Star Awards for many years. 

Happened to be at home. Although my family were watching, I wasn't interested until this part came up! 

(Due to copyrights issue and Youtube's terms of services, the videos that I previously shared here were blocked and couldn't be viewed. Boo!)

Fortunately, someone uploaded this!
(Not the full part but at least most of the funny parts were captured!)

And oh gosh, listening to Chen Han Wei singing 关怀方式 was so nostalgic max!!

Back when this song was just released, it was ultra popular! In the same KTV session, the song would always be repeatedly over and over again because all of us wanted to sing it!

It's been so many years and the lyrics are still so deeply etched in my mind! I'm sure many of you are like me too, right!! #TimeFlies

The 7 princesses part was also very funny.. LOL!

Mediacorp should do such things more often! I LOVE IT!


Okay, so I didn't watch the awards presenting parts.
But after the show, people keeeeept talking about Rui En. Or rather, her 'black' face.

C'mon people, just give Rui En a break and stop indulging in your own imagination.
Really wanna roll eyes when people think that she's sulky because she didn't win award. More ridiculously, they thought that she would not be as sulky if she wins any award. Erm......Okay. *Shrugs*

I don't like the sulky Rui En either. I miss the bubbly and cheerful her when she was younger. Very much. Then again, perhaps she wasn't happy back then but she chose to act like she was? I just hope that she isn't suffering from any depression or whatsoever.. But I feel pretty glad when she seemed to be against people committing suicide. Phew!

Whatever it is, I have utmost respect for anyone who dare to be themselves. Their true selves.
So Rui En, I support you! :)

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