Friday, April 24, 2015

Louie's Birthday Party! ♥

Finally found time to blog about Louie's very 1st birthday party!


12 April 2015 (Sunday)

It's been a long while since I woke up so early on a Sunday morning! *Rubs sleepy eyes*

But I'm not complaining because.. It's Louie's birthday celebration! Woohoo! What a lucky little baby.. 
He's celebrating his birthday at Polliwogs! Wow!

My sister and brother-in-law prepared goodie bags for the other kiddos too! 

Reached the place too early so we hanged out at the nearby MacDonald's instead.

Isn't our little Louie extra dashing today? 

Finally, Polliwog was opened for business! Yay!

Everyone must wear socks inside. 
Hoho! I love my Rilakkuma socks so much! 

While the kids were busy playing, we managed to snap some photos! Haha!

Went to check out the room where we will be having games and makan session.. 

Wow! So nice!

Went to find the kids and saw the girls! 

Presenting.. Steffi and Stacci's performance! Hahaha!

Haha! Of course, it wasn't that peaceful and quiet in reality..

Stacci: "Too noisy!" (She really said that!)

Leroy was nowhere to be found. Couldn't trace that little monkey! Aye, too bad.. He always love filming slow motion videos!

Finally I saw him again when it was time to gather for the games.. Haha!

More games!

Time to eat!

Happy family~~

His cake is so cute!

Top view

Side view

Too pretty to be eaten.. Haha! But I didn't eat a lot though. (Warning: Faaaaat!)

Spotted Stacci watching intently while the staff was cutting the cake.. Haha! 

She is so adorable! Couldn't resist taking photos of her! Heehee! 

Opps, I took too few photos of Louie.. 

Here's another one!

A quick recap of Louie's birthday celebration!

(Forgot to change the video setting to HD, hence the video wasn't very clear.. Opps!)

Back to more playing!!

LOL at my sis's screams.. Hahaha!
Best was, the girls who were blocking the way panicky moved out of the way! LOL!

This is definitely one of the less tiring outings for the adults.. Considering there were so many children around! Thanks to the gamemasters and all the cool playing facilities there! A paradise for children indeed! Good chance for adults to bond with the children too! And perhaps, for us adults to get in touch with our inner child~ 

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