Thursday, April 23, 2015

I love my Passport!!

Stupid me! >.<

Well.. I don’t know how it happened. Wanted to get my passport and IT WAS NOT WHERE I THOUGHT IT WAS!! After a month of fruitless search, I finally gave up and applied for a replacement. :(

Ding Dong Ding Dong

To cut a long story short: Mailed in my application on 3 April 2015. No news for weeks. Finally called in to ask (after calling countless times) and I was told that I had to go down personally. (Why didn’t they indicate in their website..??) Basically they received my application but because 1 form was lacking (which was not stated in their website and it was not available for download), my application simply sat there in their inbox. Erm………..Okay.

Determined to ding dong NO MORE!

Today I could knock off slightly earlier than usual, thanks to my appointment with a client! Rushed over to ICA just in time to do a replacement for my passport. Phew!

Continued waiting..

Seriously I think ICA is really under-staffed. According to my slip, 2 counters are processing cases similar to mine.

But 1 of the counters was vacant! What..?!    

Pleasant Surprise!

Was worried if I could get the passport in time and the lady said the magic words.. 

"You can collect your passport at 6pm."

REALLY!? *Eyes widened*

Today's trip was actually quite nice because the staff were all so nice! The last one even gave me a friendly reminder, "Don't lose your passport again! Very expensive!"
(In the past, the staff were usually  

Passport and Me

Yeah! I will take good care of you, my dear!

So wanna go JB walk walk~~

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