Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Random Updates (Consolidated)

So many things has happened in these months..

Warning: Long post! Read at your own risk.. Haha!

End of Exam!

#throwback to the moment just before exam on 11 April!

Saw Subash! Or rather, he saw me! We were having our papers in the same room.. Haha! 
Everything was just like the time we took our previous paper. :)

But alas, he'll be graduating already so I won't be able to see him in school anymore. Sad..! 
All the best to him~~♡


The exam marks the end of my module (provided that I pass my paper..hopefully), which means..
..Time for the next module!
But that also meant that I had to fork out school fees! :O

A Sudden Bombshell..

Had planned my finance nicely but unexpectedly, I had to start forking out money (and more money).. And along with my sisters, I would need to continue forking out money until God knows when! Kinda worried whether I can pay off my studies-related expenses as planned.. But I can only blame myself for being too carefree in the past until I didn't bother to save at all! 

I am regretting already.. T.T

The Bombshell: Well, for those who weren't aware.. My dad had an operation for his nose cancer which ended with complications. The 1-day operation was stretched to 3 months in the ICU (which was actually unnecessary.. long story) and another 2 months in the other wards. We all thought he was well-prepared financially since he was working in Liberty Insurance. Our hearts basically sank when we realized he didn't buy insurance for H&S.. #OhGodWhy #LifeIsUnpredictable

Currently he's back at home and we hired a maid to look after him. 
At least things seem to stabilize for now. 
(Well, we are still waiting for the hospitalization bills.. 
Trying not to think about the costs yet. Sigh.)

Food for Thought..

Perhaps it's due to my age. People around me are falling sick, as in serious illnesses or chronic diseases. Not our minor cold or flu. Being in FHI makes me realizes a lot of important things regarding health. Generally we are not leading healthy lifestyles. I used to think that if we don't take care of our health, we'll just die lor. But NO, that's not necessarily true. Many actually had to suffer for many years while their bodies gradually break down. 

Take my dad for example. He suffered a stroke around 10 years back. Since then he couldn't walk and carry things like he used to. Now, his whole nose and upper lip were removed as they were infested by cancerous cells. Also, he had been bedridden for too long until his legs have become too weak to walk.

I certainly don't want to spend my remaining days in bed and being unable to move on my own! And worse, suffering from the scary fate of having my body parts cut off! So nowadays I'm making more efforts to lead a healthier life! And I hope more people around me would start doing so too. Don't wait until it's too late!

My Best Adviser!

Was fretting about all these money issues and confided in Brother Yong.. As always, he was assuring. He even provided me with good solutions (without me asking). One of which was getting a loan from the company and paying back in instalments. OH, we can do that?? Phew! Made me stop being so panicky instantly! So lucky to have a nice company who are there to help me! :):)

Later my school emailed me regarding the payment. 
Saw that instalments are available if we pay by credit card.. Hmm.

No Luck with Credit Card!

Actually I had tried applying for credit card in the past but failed. Oh well.. After hearing about the scary stories of people bursting their cardS' limit, I decided to stop trying. Knowing me (the old me), I would surely splurge on buying rubbish! >.<

After settling my insurance issue, I decided to try applying for a card.. Just to see if I could. Haha! Wanted to see if the insurance issue was the cause of my past applications getting rejected.

Previous attempt made during Dec last year.. Wah lau! Got rejected again! :(
Was kinda frustrated and puzzled. Why? What is wrong with me? I met the requirements. I only had 1 study loan which I always pay on time. So why? And worse, the bank refused to tell me the reason for rejecting my application. Cannot say meh..?

Much later I was applying to hire a maid when I realized I had filed my tax wrongly. *Slaps forehead!* And then I wondered, "Could that be the reason??"

Miracle Happened!

Was sick of re-applying and I soon forgot about it.. Until recently when I needed to pay for my school fees. Decided to give another try in applying for a credit card!

Eh, it was actually approved..??
Felt so unbelievable.. Did they send the wrong message? Haha!

Refused to believe until I got the card!

And whoa, I did get the card!

Still, I didn't dare to get my hopes up. What if I try to use the card to pay for my studies and it was rejected?? 

Thanks to my company's support, I thought to myself: Just try lah! If the card fails, I can still get a loan from my company. Things WILL work out fine! #LawsOfAttraction

Moment of truth.. Really can use wor!!

Phew! Thank God! Temporary solved my financial problems. I just need to 'tahan' until my next bonus payout. Although I can request for advancement, I was hoping I didn't have to trouble my company. Now I really don't have to! Yay! #THANKYOUGOD :)

Hopefully there'll be no more surprises for the time being! *Prays hard!* Study loan will be fully repaid in about a year or 2.. After that, I will have more spare cash every month!

Having a hard time now because I never save up for a rainy day.. Or should I say, rainy season? Learnt my lesson! But I sure hope that it's not too late for me to start saving up.. It's harder, but not impossible.. I guess! #加油加油加油


Looking back, I can't believe how I wasted my prime years away! Yes, I had fun. I was popular and I enjoyed many happy and glorious moments.. (Superficial but I must say, it really felt AWESOME! Haha!) But perhaps, I over-indulged back then. And I chose to ignore problems.. Simply let them 'rot'. 

Yes, like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand. :(

While it's good to pamper ourselves, we also need to do something that we would be grateful to ourselves in future!

Since working in FHI, I started to 'wake up'. Analyzed my life and realized why I achieved nothing at this age. Dug out my problems and spent a lot of time and money resolving them, no matter how 'painful' it was! Finally my life is quite on track again and I FEEL SO GOOD!

Life is beautiful for me now.. And I hope it's the same for all of you too. 

Ending this post with this quote.. 

P/S: Sorry if my thoughts are too random. Well, that's pretty much how messed up my life is!
In the midst of sorting things out! Wish me luck.. >.<

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