Monday, January 22, 2018

Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数)

A couple of weeks ago, I approached Mdm Li Fang to do a reading for me. (Thanks to Lynn for her recommendation!)
Was kinda unsure if I should go (because it costs $128!) but curiosity got the better of me so I still went for it in the end.

I'm glad I did so!


Before the Reading

Lowered my expectations prior to the reading so that I won't be too disappointed if it's not accurate or if it says I'll have a hard life.. Haha! In fact I was kinda convinced that I would have a hard life.

But nonetheless, I was very excited!
Even took half day off and went there early to wait.. Heehee!


The Reading

Was surprised that my life is pretty quite good. I'll have enough to use and spend throughout my life. In fact, my life (especially financially) will start to pick up from now on. Whoa, very assuring indeed! Not sure if it's true but it's definitely better to hear good things.. Heehee!

She mentioned some other things which are pretty true.. Coincidence?
Nonetheless, I'm going to try taking her some of her simpler advices and see how it goes! *Hopeful*


Other than 紫微斗数, Mdm Li Fang helped me to analyse my name too.
She said it's bad. (Not surprised.)
Would cost another $128 if I want to change name.. Well, I'll think about it later..



Not gonna make a lot of major changes.. Anyway, she didn't advise any big change for me too. Just asked me to avoid all shades of red and try to choose colors like black, blue and green. (Coincidentally, Chris helped me to do a numerology reading and he also advised me to avoid red because I am hot-tempered by nature so I should get more cooling colors and avoid fiery colors..) 

And so when the Master says I have too much earth, hence I need more Wood (green) and Water (blue, black)..

I take it literally! Haha!

*Wood includes trees / plants 


Since I need blue color and I'm working in a Japanese company now.. 
I thought this would be suitable for me too!

Nice hor!


Actually I have the pink one already.
But since it's not good for me to have shades of red, I ordered the blue one.


Not sure if it's coincidence but she mentioned that I tend to fall sick in the upcoming Dog Year.
Since late Nov, I've been sick and in fact, I'm still coughing now! It's been a long time since I got sick for this long ever since I've started to adopt a healthier lifestyle. (Although I did slack a lot on exercise and healthy eating lately.. Was too busy and then later I fell sick.. Not enough energy!)

Was thinking of buying a Five Elements Pagoda for better health..

Nice right? 
I bought the bass one before, but it got rusty after a while. Besides, Mdm Li Fang advised me to get the black one since it's my lucky colour.

Went to Fu Lu Shou Complex to visit the crystal shops! Kinda disappointed to see so few crystal shops.. But even so, I actually stayed there for more than 2 hours after realizing it!!

Anyway, all the shops sold the  Five Elements Pagoda. Almost bought one but I was thinking if I should buy something that I can easily carry around with me. (But then again, I'm still thinking if I should go back and buy it.. Haha!)

So I started looking out for a black tourmaline bracelet.. And then this lady introduced me to the spinel (尖晶石) bracelet. SO PRETTY AND SPARKLING!! (But of course, it's way more expensive too! $128!) It was love at first sight but I was hesitate to buy it because of the price and I never heard of it before.

Went to the other shops and none of them sell Spinel bracelets. Only then did I go back to look at the Spinel bracelets again (only 4 left, by the way!) to decide if I should get them. Somehow my gut feeling told me that I SHOULD.

And that's what I did!

Read here for the amazing things it can do~

Actually I didn't buy it for its magical powers. I didn't go there with the intention to buy it!
It's destiny, I guess. Maybe it picked me to be its owner. 

It's so pretty, I love it so so much!


Also grabbed an unpolished black tourmaline stone just before I left.
Not sure why but I kinda felt drawn to it.

Read here for the amazing things it can do!

 Can you believe that a small, black stone like that would cost $16??
Well, actually I do. Haha! Opps!



Missed my good old crystal shopping days! Felt so nostalgic!! I wish I had kept all the crystals / stones that I bought previously.. They are so expensive now!

It's only been barely a week and I feel like going crystal-shopping again!

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