Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I'm Confirmed! ❤


Finally I can put my heart at ease!

Although my AMs had assured me a few times that I'll definitely be confirmed, my past experiences had given me a huge phobia for probation!

The Bad Experiences (with SMEs)

I guess SMEs simply don't suit me. Even when my manager wrote a very good appraisal for me, the big boss still decided to extend my probation due to "poor performance". In another SME, my confirmation was put on hold and reliable sources told me that the GM wanted me to leave. But when I tendered my resignation, he had a long talk with me to ask me to stay. Eh.. I don't understand.

But thinking back, I'm grateful. If they didn't push me away, I'll still be stuck in an SME.
To be honest, I prefer working in an MNC. 
Some said there are more office politics in MNCS.. But I think SME is worse leh!

But that's all in the past! Gonna move on (and run far away from SMEs, haha)!


Working with MNCs

I've worked in MNCs before but they were all contract employments.
I always worked until I decided to resign. In fact, I was always persuaded to stay after I tendered!

Come to think of it, this is the first time I got a permanent, full-time job with an MNC.

Compared to my last job at HorribleFix, everything is way better!
In terms of remuneration, boss / superiors / colleagues, job scope, environment, culture.. And the list goes on! Truly feel a sense of belonging and most importantly, I feel appreciated!!
I sure hope that I will stay in love with my company for a long, long time! :)

Thank you God!
I guess everything really happens for a reason. 

Somehow, I have the feeling that my life is going to get better and better like how it used to be! 
Hope my gut feeling is right again!

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