Monday, July 31, 2017

Feeling GOOD!

Woke up early enough to fall back again for a quick snooze, leisurely wash up, brush my teeth, style my fringe, refill Fluffy's food and water. Even had time to slice and pack the lemon to bring to my office! And of course, I will always find time to give Zai a goodbye kiss before I leave the house!

Left house on time. Strolled to office and still reached around 5 minutes earlier than the official starting time. Prepared my lemon water and drank it on an empty stomach.

This is how a perfect morning is, at least to me! :)

Used to have a healthy routine when I was in FHI but I stopped doing it after I resigned. Mainly because the environment (i.e. the company I joined after FHI) doesn't really allow me to do so. No time / mood to take good care of myself.

Now that I've settled down nicely in Shimizu (and gonna be confirmed soon!), it's time for me to resume the good practices that I had in FHI!

1. Drink Lemon Water
Not sure if I imagined it but my headache and sore throat seem to get better after drinking it.

2. Cook and eat more Vegetables

..So I ordered a set of these!

May not be able to cook lunch in office everyday but at least once a while? 


Of course, there are still many more things for me to improve on.. But I just gonna go slow and steady! Hope my routine can last for a long, long time!

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