Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pre-Vacation Post

Gosh, it's already 4am plus and I am still awake!

It's raining now and cute little Ah Zai is sleeping blissful on my bed with a smile.

Going to head for the airport later in the afternoon.
Missing Ah Zai, Fluffy and the children already!


Was packing my luggage halfway and then I left my room to take something..

When I came back..

Haha, so cute!

He's usually so manja and always like to follow me all the time..
Hope he will be okay during my absence for these few days!


Actually, whenever I need to travel by air, I would mentally prepare myself for the worst.
Well, I know I'm probably worrying for nothing.
But.. Who knows, right?

Anyway.. Just some random thoughts.

Everything is destined. Everyone's life has to end someday.
I used to think, even if I have to die, I hope to die an honorable death.
But as I grew up, I realized it's not really that important as to how we die, but how we live.

I believe in God and that he has a plan for all of us.
Whatever that happened or will happen, He has a reason for all of that.
Have faith! :)

Anyway, my darling Cookie and Mocha are not around anymore.
If my time is up, I really hope to be able to be reunite with them again.
I miss them so much!

But sometimes I think death is the end.
Which is fine with me too.
I guess it's probably the only way for me to stop thinking too much.

So if someday I have to leave, there's no need to be sad for me.
I'm definitely in a better, happier place.

And I really hope that by then, I have made a good difference to your life or given you some happy memories.


But of course, as much as I miss Cookie and Mocha..
I can't just leave Fluffy and Ah Zai behind.
And my 2 sponsored kids from Ethiopia!

Still looking forward to getting my own house..
And building a nice home for myself, Fluffy and Ah Zai!
I really hope to be able to fulfill my wishes soon!

So dear God,
Please bless me and my friends so that we may have a safe and enjoyable vacation!
Thank you!

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