Saturday, June 10, 2017

Seeing Double At Wild Wild Wet!

[Media Invite] Thank you Sample Store! 

Record Setting: Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos

Last Sunday, many of us went to Downtown East with our "twins" in an attempt to set the Singapore Book of Records..
For the Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos! 

What an interesting sight! I thought I was seeing double! Haha!

Check out some of the highlights here!

Thanks for the activities planned!

..And the refreshments too!

My cute niece, Stacci and her Sunblock.. Haha! (Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. Haha!)

The kids couldn't wait to play with the slides!
Their happiness and enthusiasm are always so contagious!
Makes me feel young and playful too!

Asked her to take a photo with me before she ran off to play.. But she looked distracted!

Only smiled for me after she got to play a little.. Oh my! Haha!


Time to WOOSH and Play!


Time always flies whenever we are having fun!
It had been a really fun day filled with laughter and excited screams!

I'm glad that there are many rides and game facilities catered for the younger kids as well!
Used to be so worried that the young ones may get hurt while playing..
Or sometimes they don't get to play most of the rides because they are too small.
So I was really pleasantly surprised that the place is so kids-friendly!
Little Louie actually tried The Woosh (with his daddy) too! Whoa!

But I guess I still have a problem.. The kids want to go there again soon!


 The launch may have ended last Sunday but don't worry! 
Check out the promotions below!

WAIT! And there's more!

Instagram Competition

While you are there, simply post a wefie with your double in identical outfits, hashtag #SeeingDoubleSG and you will stand a chance to win a 2D1N staycation package at D'Resort!!

Remember to set your profile to 'public' so that your entry can be viewed!

Good luck to you! ;)

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