Monday, September 26, 2016

Advance Birthday Celebration

Thank you FHI for the advance birthday celebration and birthday cake! ♥️
Finally I have a simple and well executed birthday surprise!! :)

Today I realized that I'm actually pretty contented with what I currently have 
(despite my occasional rants, lol) because when it was time to make my birthday wish, 
I couldn't think of what to wish for.. Because I don't feel that I'm lacking anything. 
(Have excessive fats, maybe. Haha!)

Eventually I opted for good health. (On 2nd thoughts, I should have wish for success in 
slimming down! Haha!)

I may not be the best in any way now but I sure love the current me more than my former self. 
Thank you to all those who love me along with my imperfections and 
all those who ever care for me before.

Shall try to be better person and make more positive contributions to this world in my 
remaining years.. No matter how small my contributions may be. ♥️

Super love this cake! So pretty and yummy! ♥️
Been so busy at work until I didn't even think about my upcoming birthday at all!

Caleb's beautiful house.. I'm so envious!
Looking forward to getting my own house next year!! ♥️

Happy gathering!
Hope we'll continue to have more gatherings in future! ♥️

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