Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reliving Childhood Memories! ♥

My wallet had been used for more than 2 years and it was pretty dirty already.. 
Been trying to find The Wallet and then I saw these!!

Aww.. So nostalgic!
I guess I always have a soft spot for Sailormoon.. Keke!

Tada! MINE! 

So loving this! Love the details!!
(Actual item was better than expected!)

Had been using a small wallet so I always had to fold my dollar notes.
Hence, I used to have crumpled notes!
So nice to have a big wallet again! My dollar notes are so nice and smooth now! Keke!


Previously ordered it because it's Sailormoon.. And then I realized this is a branded wallet. Haha!

The brand is: SAMANTHA VEGA

Happened to walk pass its boutique the other day and caught a glimpse of their bags.. 

Totally my preferred style!
So gonna pop by and check out their bags!
Prices are pretty affordable too!

And guess what! They have Sailormoon bags too!

More Sailormoon stuff (seen from Internet):

I love them all! Probably changing mobile phone soon so I can't buy casing yet. Haha!

Feeling kinda like a happy kid all over again! :3

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