Monday, August 31, 2015

Infinity Challenge - Music Festival! ♥


My verdict?

But I must say, Hwangtaeji totally ruined the Music Festival..
 What?! How can it be??
..Because they had totally rocked their super awesome performance!!
And hence, the others performing after them couldn't impress me that much anymore!!
They are so fabulous until they turned 'very good' into 'boring'..
Opps! Keke..

Actually the teams were all really good. Much better than anticipated,, in fact!
Their performances started off in their own unique ways and it was interesting initially..
But to be honest, I kinda got bored after a while when they started repeating the parts.
(IU's performance was a bit disappointing especially since I had high expectations of her.
But it's not her fault.. She didn't have the chance to do what she's truly good at.
I still love her!)

On the other hand, Hwangtaeji's Maposa was super engaging! Full of surprises!
I actually rewatched their performance a few times (and I think I will rewatch again)!! 


(Some genius created this image! I love it! Haha!)


The episode started with the filming of the situation which was 10 hours before the festival started!
Argh... The suspense almost killed me!
Finally got to sneak a peek when they did their rehearsal..!!

Already expected GD and Taeyang to be awesome..
But they managed to exceed my expectations! 

Just the rehearsal was SO GOOD!
Finally it was time for the actual performance and I was captivated!!
I'm in love~~

And with their magic, they transformed Kwanghee into a BigBang-ish singer!
Wow! How was that even possible!? But they did it!

Kwanghee looked like he totally fit into the team.. With GD and TY!

So happy for him! I think we viewers can tell how much it meant to him! :)
Congrats, Hwanghee!!
I sure hope this boosts his confidence and paves his way to the path he truly loves!

Super love their performance max!! 
Watching their performance made me feel so excited! Truly magnificent!!

Would love to go to Big Bang's concert some day and experience it LIVE!!
*Fan girl mode activated!*

Thank God for the existence of so many talented and charismatic people who bring us such amazing music, performances and not forgetting, precious experiences! :)


Oh, and I must say, the audience were super awesome too!
They actually memorized the lyrics (be it songs or rap) and sang / rapped along!
Koreans are amazing! :)

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