Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Online Shopping Spree!

Staying up late to grab good deals while the 1 DAY SALE is still valid!!

It was finally time to buy the stuff that had been sitting in my shopping cart for ages!
(Some of the things have been 'rotting' inside there for months! Haha!)

Some of the stuff I bought.. Heehee!

Optimus Prime for Leroy!

Can be transformed into a vehicle too!

Can't wait to see his reaction when I pass him the present!


Since my birthday is just around the corner..
I guess it's a valid excuse for me to buy something for myself ya?

Bluetooth Earphones! 

Comes in black and white and I chose the white one! (Both colors are nice though!)

Love how it can link to my mobile phone or other gadgets with bluetooth!
Can't wait to try it!
(Want me to write a review on this?)

(Some of you may be observant to notice the recent blog post on the new wallet that I bought..
Well, it is not considered my birthday present because I had been using the same wallet for more than 2 years already! Fully worth the price I paid for it! Haha! It's super cheap, by the way~ A few bucks only, I think?)

So tempted to buy these since the slippers I wore in office are very old and dirty already!
But I didn't buy these in the end though.
Let me reconsider for another few more months.. Haha!

Bought a lot of other stuff for my sponsored kids and friends too!


When I wanted to check out my shopping cart.. The total amounted to USD 80+

But oh well, the original prices elsewhere are a lot more expensive!
I actually saved quite a lot already. Once a while.. Okay lah!

No more shopping spree for me already..
At least not for the next few months!

In the meantime.. 
Waiting eagerly for my purchases to be delivered! Woohoo! 

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