Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Beginning ♥

I used to be a perfectionist. But I soon realised (painfully) that I'm not perfect. In fact, far from perfection. So I started to change my approach: To seek perfection. It's gonna take a lifetime and I prolly will still not succeed in the end. BUT! I believe I will enjoy the process. ;)

(Well.. It's been many years and I'm not sick of it yet. I love the current me! ♥)

My blog name is yibaifen which is the hanyu pinyin for 一百分. It means 100 marks, in other words, a perfect score.

Don't we all wanna be perfect to someone special?

Alritey, enough sharing for today.

Ending this entry with Rainie's song: 理想情人!

"..好想知道 你的一百分会给怎样的人.."  ♥


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