Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! ♥

I've been to the 49Seats at Kreta Ayer previously. The food and the service were really nice! Was expecting the smoked duck to be dry but surprisingly it was pretty juicy and tender! WOW!

Fun Fact: 49Seats has, well, 49 seats in their restaurant at Kreta Ayer!
(Not sure if it's the same for the branch at Orchard Central though! Heh!)

My previous review of them (49Seats at Kreta Ayer):

Disclaimer: Previously they had this lucky draw for publicity.. And yay, I won! I was not asked to write any reviews in return for the free movie tickets and the awesome meal for 2. I did it of my own accord. #GoodLobangsMustShare :)

When they opened another outlet at Orchard Central, I was so happy! (Kreta Ayer is really a bit inconvenient for me!) Needless to say, I chose to have my Christmas dinner at.. 49Seats at Orchard Central!! *Nom nom nom*

I must say their smoked duck pasta is absolutely the BEST I've ever eaten!

But alas, I couldn't try other food as most of the dishes were sold out already!
This place is pretty decent but personally I still prefer the outlet at Kreta Ayer. Probably because the staff there were more friendly. I guess feelings do affect our taste buds, to a certain extend! :)

(2 outlets)

49 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089007
(Directions: Nearest MRT station is Outram Park and you can exit from H and walk all the way straight till you see an indian temple on the right and walk up the slope. Cross over the small road and walk straight will be 49 Seats. Its about 5 minutes walk.)

Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896


Was so happy to be in Orchard Central because it was so beautiful decorated with PINK stuff! 
LOVE IT!! (Couldn't resist adding a dreamy filter.. Heehee!)

Isn't it gorgeous?? So inspired to decorate my room like that too! (After I managed to clear up the clutter, of course!) Ahh.. Just the mere thought of it makes me so happy and blissful!

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