Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Addition of ♥.. Soon!

Chanced upon this video last night! Aww..! 

The lop is so cute!! Love it so much!

Suddenly I had a strong urge to check out the market rate for a lop.. And amazingly, I found this!

8 months old male mini holland lop for adoption

He is a foster rabbit. I have my own rabbit but Thumper is not keen to interact with her. However, Thumper is very social around humans & loves head pats. He has not yet been spayed & hates being carried. I love Thumper very much but my own rabbit could not get along with him & vice versa. Thumper will be a very good rabbit for families who loves to interact with him.

If you are interested to adopt Thumper, please email me & I will get right back to you soonest.

You can view Thumper if you'd like and also take note if you are adopting Thumper for a child, I will need to know if you are experienced enough to take care of a rabbit, make sure you & your child is prepared for the rabbit. 

(Purposely leave out the contact details. He's mine, okay! Don't snatch with me hor! Haha!)


Being a pet owner myself (for almost 20 years) and having owned rabbits before (more than 10 years ago), I am not really keen in buying pets from petshops. Had checked with SPCA and other adoption places but to be honest, the procedures are too troublesome! 

Hence when I came across this ad, I felt quite positive about it as the current owner obviously cares for her pets and she's not the sort who wants to make money from selling pets. :) 

Had a good feeling about him but I wanted to check out the others before I (impulsively) made my decision. But I kept going back to find this ad, just to look at Thumper's picture again! He's so adorable!!

And he looks kinda grumpy in the photo.. (Or is it just me? Heh!) Which gives me the urge to shower him with more attention to make him happier. :)

Messaged the person today.. Didn't receive her reply and thought he had been adopted already. During noon, she called me! Felt a hint of hope until she mentioned, "Were you the one who asked me about him previously?" My heart sank a little, thinking that he has been 'reserved'..

Told her today was the first time I messaged and braced myself for the words: "Oh I'm so sorry. He's been adopted."

But then she said, "Yes, he's still available."

REALLY!? Yes!!

If only I can get him TODAY! But alas, I'm going overseas tomorrow morning! Told her that I am interested to get Thumper and will contact her when I am back.

So Thumper baby, wait for me please!!


Was asking myself repeatedly, is this an impulsive decision? The last thing I want is to get him and put him aside. It's a pet, not a thing!

Well, I always wanted a lop ever since I first saw one.. From my computer screen. However I had my own rabbit (local breed) already so I decided to wait. Afterwards, my rabbit walked out on me.. (Someone left the main door open..!! By the time I realised that, she was gone! Never managed to find her. =\) But I still had 2 dogs who were both in their prime (and VERY active) years.. Decided to focus on them instead of getting another rabbit.

And fast forward to the present.. Mocha had left us. (I still miss you, my sweet darling girl!) Cookie is already 17.5 years which is VERY old for a dog. And as much as I hate to admit it, she don't have much time left. Also, she has been sleeping a lot during the recent years so she don't demand that much attention from me anymore. (Sad! Miss having her following me around everywhere and constantly trying to catch my attention!)

So yes, I think I'm ready for a new pet now. And I guess, I really want my new pet to meet Cookie (while she's still here) and be aware of her existence. Haha, maybe that's a silly thought but I insist!

I still can't believe it: Thumper's gonna be mine! Wow!

Feeling so paranoid that he may be adopted by someone else when I get back from my trip!


Updated on 12 Jan 2015:

Just touched down in Singapore and I received the bad news that Thumper has been adopted by someone else!!! *Ultra sad!*

Was quite angry that the girl didn't keep her word to me. (And she didn't even have the decency to even message me a "Sorry" back!) Sigh. Oh well. We are not fated, I guess. And I believe Karma will do the job. :)

Anyway! In that case, I can take my time to tidy up my room.. So that I can be ready next time!


Updated on 13 Jan 2015:

Guess what? I saw this ad while searching for other rabbits online.

I guess she probably found someone who offered a higher price than me. (She didn't even ask if I'm willing to pay more! I wouldn't mind lor! Duh.)

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